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Newark International Film Festival
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“This little thriller had me
more grabbed than anything
I can remember since Jaws”
~ Ronald Vidor
Cinematographer, JAWS
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

“It’s Like
Breaking Bad
Gone Mad!”
~ Horror Underground FF
Wildsound Festival TV
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

“We are giving this powerful indie
spirit thriller with a Hollywood
feel a 5-Star Rating!”
~ Karynne Summars, The Imagemakers & Influencers Magazine
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

Loved The Movie Official Selection Newark International Film Festival NewarkIFF
Loved Movie Logo White

Written & Directed By DJ Higgins

Loved follows Harold, a crazed plumber who risks both his career and prison when he finds his wife in bed with another man. As he drives furiously around the Californian desert in his camper, he screams at a framed picture of his wife placed on the passenger’s seat and proclaims that What He did was to protect her and honor their wedding vows.

Newark International Film Festival #NewarkIFF - Loved - Screening Info
Newark International Film Festival Official Selection Loved The Movie

Date: June 21 – 25, 2023
Address: Newark, New Jersey
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Loved Movie Poster 2023 Best Thriller
Two Days in the Desert | The Making of Loved