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Take a journey into a deranged man’s mind and struggle to decipher between fact and fiction.

In the gripping narrative of “Loved,” we follow the turbulent journey of Harold (Joseph Sernio), an unhinged plumber who jeopardizes his career and risks imprisonment after discovering his wife in an intimate encounter with another man. Venturing through the California desert in his camper, he passionately directs his anger and anguish towards a framed picture of his wife, seated beside him. In his fervent proclamations, he justifies his actions as acts of protection and fidelity to their wedding vows.

Loved The Movie Best Short Film 2023
Loved Movie
Top 10 Trailblazers in the Entertainment Industry

April 2023 LA WEEKLY Magazine Article

Joseph Sernio is a man who wears many hats, excelling as an actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Born in Jersey City, Joseph began his acting career shortly after graduating from high school. Having delved into studying various acting techniques in NY City and LA, he embarked on his acting journey, eventually securing opportunities in off-Broadway productions.

Loved Movie
Film Threat: A man talks himself into the most unspeakable act in DJ Higgins' dark thriller,...

November 2023 Film Threat Article By: Alan Ng

A man talks himself into the most unspeakable act in DJ Higgins’ dark thriller, Loved. Joseph Sernio plays Harold, a distraught husband who just found out his wife is having an affair. It’s just Harold in his truck yelling…screaming at a picture of his wife, Hannah (Debby Gerber). He replays every argument that has led to their estrangement, except this time, he knows exactly what to say.

Loved The Movie Film Threat Review
Loved Movie
Jersey Kid Makes Good: Twice

At age 43, Joe Sernio has already been acting for 20 years. Starting in soap operas and small productions, it was his high school pal Kevin Interdonato’s role in The Sopranos that gave him his first inspiration.

Loved Movie
VoyageLA Magazine: Interview With Joseph Sernio

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joseph Sernio. Joe was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, later moving to Howell, NJ. He began acting shortly after graduating Howell High School, thanks to his childhood friend Kevin Interdonato. Joe began to study several acting techniques in New York City and Los Angeles.


Loved Movie
Point Lookout Film Festival Returns for Sixth Season

Posted on April 10, 2023 By Long Island Press

The Point Lookout Film Festival enjoyed its sixth season at its home at Point Lookout’s J.A. Heneghan’s Tavern on April 6. Started in 2018 by filmmaker-organizers of several short film festivals in the New York and New Jersey area, the festival thrives on being an outlet for filmmakers from the greater Long Island area, as well as surrounding areas, to show the fruits of their labors.

Loved Movie
Wildsound Festival TV - Loved Wins Best Cinematography

Loved Voted Best Cinematography - Cinematographer Troy Ruff

Wildsound Festival TV - Loved Wins Best Cinematography. Loved Voted Best Cinematography - Cinematographer Troy Ruff. Listen to the Loved Movie Audience Reactions And Festival Feedback.

Loved Movie
Imagemaker & Influencers Magazine

A Powerful Indie Thriller With A Hollywood Feel

Contrary to this review’s headline, this film is not a romantic love story but a powerful thriller showing the unleashing of an emotionally spent person’s mind. Written and expertly directed by D.J.Higgins

Loved Movie
Filmmaker Spotlight

Interview With Writer/Director DJ Higgins and Producer Julie Robinson

The Garden State Film Festival interviews Writer/Director DJ Higgins and Producer Julie Robinson on the new film "Loved".

Loved Movie
The Riverview Observer

Spotlight On Talent

Former Hudson County Resident Joseph Sernio and his new film "Loved"

Loved Movie
A Letter From Producer Julie Robinson

A film made by people who believe in unity for all

Deciding to embrace diversity in our filmmaking is effortless. In fact, as a team, we know there will be no authenticity in our content unless we speak to the beauty of diversity through our stories and on our sets.

Loved Movie
Interview with Filmmaker Joseph Sernio

Get to know the filmmaker Joseph Sernio:

1. What motivated you to make this film?

I wanted to show a different side to my acting. I wanted something more challenging and something that I can build and shape myself using natural acting as well as some method acting.

Loved Best Short Film of 2023 Best Thriller Loved The Movie

"This little thriller had me more grabbed than anything I can remember since Jaws"
~ Ronald Vidor
Cinematographer, JAWS
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

"It's Like Breaking Bad Gone Mad!"
~ Horror Underground FF
Wildsound Festival TV
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

"We are giving this powerful indie spirit thriller with a Hollywood feel a 5-Star Rating!"
~ Karynne Summars
Imagemakers & Influencers Magazine
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

"Our most intense short film of the season! Voted most suspenseful film!"~ Northwood Film Festival
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023