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Take a journey into a deranged man’s mind and struggle to decipher between fact and fiction.

In the gripping narrative of “Loved,” we follow the turbulent journey of Harold (Joseph Sernio), an unhinged plumber who jeopardizes his career and risks imprisonment after discovering his wife in an intimate encounter with another man. Venturing through the California desert in his camper, he passionately directs his anger and anguish towards a framed picture of his wife, seated beside him. In his fervent proclamations, he justifies his actions as acts of protection and fidelity to their wedding vows.

Two Days In The Desert

Two Days in the Desert
the making of loved

Loved Movie Review

audience feedback 2023 HORROR Underground Film Festival
2023 Winner of best cinematography

Filmmaker Interviews

2023 Garden State film festival interview
writer director dj higgins and producer julie robinson

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Take A Journey Into A Deranged Man’s Mind
And Struggle To Decipher Between Fact And Fiction.


"This little thriller had me more grabbed than anything I can remember since Jaws"
~ Ronald Vidor
Cinematographer, JAWS
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

"It's Like Breaking Bad Gone Mad!"
~ Horror Underground FF
Wildsound Festival TV
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

"We are giving this powerful indie spirit thriller with a Hollywood feel a 5-Star Rating!"
~ Karynne Summars
Imagemakers & Influencers Magazine
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023

"Our most intense short film of the season! Voted most suspenseful film!"~ Northwood Film Festival
5-Star Movie Review Loved The Movie 2023